Music Education Programs

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A school concert in June 2014

MJOMEF hires professional musicians to assist school music teachers and students during their regularly scheduled band and strings classes.  Our coaches are vetted professional musicians who are dedicated to teaching. It is nearly impossible for one music teacher to teach twelve 4th and 5th graders who are playing 3 to 5 different instruments, including flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, saxophone and violin, in a 30 minute class. With assistance from the MJOMEF coaches, the music teacher is able to keep the class moving forward while the coaches assist individual students. As a result, all students realize success and remain fully engaged throughout the class. MJOMEF’s coaches provide support in the following ten elementary schools in Seattle:

  • Bailey Gatzert Elementary School
  • Concord International Elementary School
  • Highland Park Elementary School
  • Kimball Elementary School
  • Leschi Elementary School
  • Maple Elementary School
  • Northgate Elementary School
  • Roxhill Elementary School
  • Sanislo Elementary School
  • West Seattle Elementary School

Beginning in October 2018 MJOMEF will provide in-class coaches to the 6th. grade strings class at Mercer Middle School. During the 2017-2018 school year, approximately 422 students  benefitted from the in-class, individualized help MJOMEF provided.

Future Programs

MJOMEF will continue to support music programs in the ten Seattle elementary schools. We will continue our collaboration with Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra and we look forward to collaborating with Seattle Music Partners.  These collaborations ensure strong continued music education from elementary through middle school.

Coordination with Seattle Public Schools

Our program was developed in coordination with Seattle Public Schools’ Visual and Performing Arts Department staff.


Programs Image Band Concert

A school concert in June 2014