Our Mission

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MISSION:  To foster a passion for music-making among elementary students in under-served Seattle schools. 

METHOD:  MJOMEF hires professional musicians, at no cost to the schools, to help teachers and students during all their instrumental music classes.  

RESULTS: Students achieve greater levels of success and their self-esteem, confidence and academic persistence are also enhanced.                                                                    

Why Music? 
An excerpt by R. Daniel Mooney

I. Music is Science 
II. Music is Mathematical 
III. Music is a Foreign Language 
IV. Music is History
V. Music is Physical Education
VI. Music Develops Insight and Demands Research
VII. Music is all these things, but most of all, Music is Art.

Focus on Elementary School Children

  • MJOMEF helps under-served elementary school students build a solid foundation in music-making so that they are able to participate in instrumental music in middle and high school.
  • Experiencing achievement in a new skill increases a students’ self-esteem and confidence. 
  • A vibrant music program in a school gives all students the opportunity to experience live musical performances that generate enthusiasm among students, their parents and their teachers. Music education, when broadly available, helps build school pride.

How We Fund the Program

MJOMEF hosts events to raise funds to support music programs in these schools. MJOMEF allocates 100% of all funds raised to music-making education programs. All Board members are unpaid volunteers.

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